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Our Story

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Steamboat Creek Farm was established in 2018, when Lisa Welch made the decision to expand her love of horses into an operation where she could use her knowledge of elite horse lineage to share exceptional horses with riders in the USA.   The primary breeding goal is to produce offspring that represent European stock with amateur-friendly temperaments. Lisa believes that there are numerous amateur riders residing in the U.S.who are talented and motivated but do not necessarily have access to horses of european quality.

Character is very important, which is evident in the choice of Steamboat Creek Farm mares. We believe our mares will pass along genetic superiority and good temperament to their foals during the time that is spent with their dams. Because we are a small operation, all foals will be handled appropriately.  All foals will live on pasture with essential grass. Primary skills will also be taught such as being accepting of halters, leading age appropriately, loading and trailering, learning veterinary essentials, bathing, and accepting farrier work.  


Lisa, a former hunter/jumper rider turned dressage enthusiast, has a vast knowledge of farming and livestock breeding.  Both she and her husband grew up in farm families. Lisa represented C bar S Farm and won Championships many times over in 4-H as a junior, with her specialty in dairy cattle judging. Growing up with 80 acres of farm land, Lisa often spent summers riding her horses bareback, jumping sage brush whenever possible, and learning to respect and love horses.

Located in the quaint Steamboat Valley, an equestrian hub, our ten acre farm boasts our beautiful horses and our “fun” animals, which include two donkeys and numerous Barbados black-belly sheep that often multiply.


On the farm side, we have a flourishing vineyard in which we grow Riesling and soon Zinfandel varietals as a hobby.  We hope in the near future to bottle our wine and share it with others. In the meantime, our vineyard is a beautiful backdrop for our pastures and barn.


Our first business foal crop was born in 2021. Please visit our foal page  to learn of our current mare/stallion pairings.

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