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Fürst Romantic RF

2017 | 17.1 | Black | Oldenburg GOV
Fürst Romancier | Sandro Hit

Congratulations to the Tellman Family on the purchase of Fürst Romantic RF.  

Fürst Romantic RF (Tigger) is a 2017, modern made, Oldenburg gelding registered with GOV.


A favorite at the barn, being asked to "go get Tigger' always elicits a smile on the part of the one so instructed. A true gentleman, this boy gets along amazingly with other horses (both in the pasture and on the trails) and is super easy with the farrier, vet, and anyone else tasked with caring for him. He genuinely enjoys being around folks and being handled. Furst Romantic is always at the stall door or pasture gate when someone walks by. His kindness truly shines through. Trips about are no problem for this willing loader and calm hauler. He does well in a stall, paddock, or pasture.


Tigger possesses an excellent canter; being truly balanced, uphill, and powerful. His  trot is no less impressive; with natural impulsion and elasticity. His walk is easy and beautiful; both on trails and in the arena. His style and grace are abundantly apparent at first glance.

Furst Romantic is currently in training with Josh Albrecht and competing very successfully at training level, scoring as high as 70%. Daily trail rides, arena time, and many trips to shows, have developed Tigger into a talented young horse who is a joy to be around. Developing this beautiful boy into a show horse with a long future has been his training goal. Care has been given not to over train or over ride, and yet to expose him to a variety of situations and places. He has even successfully competed a bit of cross country jumping.


An excellent prospect for an amatuer or junior in a structured program or a professional looking form the future, Tigger will excel as a dressage horse, eventer, hunter jumper, or a variety of other disciplines.  His gorgeous head and expression will get him instantly noticed. 


Tigger has exceptional lineage, descending from many of the most successful dressage stallion and mare lines in Germany. His sire is a crowd favorite in international dressage; Furst Romancier, a 17h GOV receiving top marks of 9.0 for each walk, trot, and canter at his 70 day stallion test. On his dam side, Tigger represents one of the most successful dam lines: The Edoste. This line produced numerous licensed stallions, National Champions, European Champions, not to mention the Olympic horse Petit e Prince.



Photo Credits: Debra McMillan



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